The Benefits of Using Sound Puzzles To Support Your Child’s Development

I love to use these puzzles in my speech & language therapy sessions as they are a great source of enjoyment and very appealing to younger children.


Sound Puzzles make realistic sounds and provide positive feedback on a job well done by making sounds when the puzzle piece is placed in the correct spot.


In addition sound puzzles are a great way to reinforce cause-and-effect skills in young children and are also very useful for targeting early vocabulary, comprehension and matching skills.

I use them frequently in sessions when targeting every day vocabulary (both comprehension and labeling of same). I also find that they can be useful when supporting turn taking skills.


Where Can I Purchase Sound Puzzles?

Sound Puzzles can be purchased from Sensational Kids Child Development & Learning Store


Written By


Sarah Gorman, Senior Speech & Language Therapist at Sensational Kids, Kildare


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