Facts & Figures

One in Four


One in four children in Ireland has a special educational need. A lack of affordable support services for children who are experiencing developmental delays, or those that have special educational needs, means that too many children in Ireland are struggling to reach their full potential. The figures themselves are startling;

  • Newly-released figures in 2017 show that the numbers waiting for occupational therapy treatment have increased by just under 50% since August 2015. There are now 29,688 people waiting on a first-time consultancy (as at the end of May this year), up 9,675 (48%) since August two years ago. The largest group of people on the list is children and teenagers. Nearly half the entire total, 14,594 people, are made up of those aged 17 or younger. Over a third of that group alone, 5,271, have been waiting for more than a year.
  • More than 15,000 were waiting for a speech and language therapy assessment at the end of last year, according to figures obtained by The Irish Times in 2017. It represents a 20 per cent increase in the waiting list during 2015.

Thanks to the fantastic work by the team at Sensational Kids, these children are now being given the opportunity to excel. With our online store and retail shop and training events  helping to subsidise our services, Sensational Kids has already saved families in Ireland over €700,000 in therapy fees alone, providing a practical, accessible, and affordable service for those in need. Having expanded our social impact to provide early intervention services from facilities in Leinster & Munster, Sensational Kids is Ireland’s leading non-profit child development and learning centre, bridging the gap between public and private services.


Sensational Kids Impact To Date

  • 4,500 children have benefited from our affordable early intervention and assessment services
  • 725 children availed of our services in 2016, saving their families over €102,000 in therapy fees
  • 500+ healthcare, educational professionals and carers avail of our training workshops each year
  • 22,500 learning support resources are delivered by our child development & learning store annually


Combined, all of these outputs result in better outcomes for children of all abilities, including those with additional needs