National Child Development Centre

You can help change the lives of 300 children each week by supporting the development of our new National Child Development Centre

Please help build this National Child Development Centre

We have been given the green light to build this state-of-the-art National Child Development Centre on a 2.4-acre greenfield site just off the M7 motorway in Kildare Town.


Together, we can do more! Join us now to help build a National Child Development Centre where over 30,000 children will thrive over the next ten years.

Today 1 in 4 children in Ireland have a special educational need. With 86,000 children on lengthy public waiting lists for Speech & Language and Occupational Therapy, the demand for our services has never been higher.

Message from CEO & Founder

15 years ago, I found myself frustrated at the lack of therapy supports for my children. With help from family and friends, we fundraised to set up Sensational Kids to provide subsidised occupational therapy and speech & language therapy so that other families and children did not have to face the difficulties that we did in accessing therapy supports for our children.

Having been in the USA with surgery for one of our children, we were fortunate to have visited some fabulous therapy facilities there and brought this vision of what could be back to Ireland.

Our first child development centre opened 15 years ago in Kildare Town in a leased facility. From there we opened a further three centres around Ireland and have supported over 10,000 children, many of whom have neurodivergent conditions such as autism spectrum disorders, adhd, down syndrome, dyspraxia, and many other development delays.   Having outgrown our Kildare centre and because the landlord was selling the facility, our Kildare centre is currently based in a short-term rental until our fantastic new national child development centre can be built when we raise the funds.

We have always dreamed of a custom-built child-development centre, with both indoor and outdoor playful spaces specifically designed to meet the sensory needs of the children and families that we support. We want to give children the facilities that they deserve to have to help them thrive.

We are now about to make our dreams come true by embarking on our most ambitious project to date. We are building this flagship child development centre so no child in our community is left behind on waiting lists.

If, like us, you want to make a difference to the lives of children in need in our community, please support this much needed project by donating online or getting in touch with me to find out more about you or your company can play your part in bringing this much needed project to children and families who need our help.


Karen Leigh

CEO & Founder


With your support, our National Child Development Centre will be able to deliver 150,000 therapy interventions over 10 years, supporting 300 children each week to thrive.

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Please help build this new National Child Development Centre

To find out more about how you can help please contact Karen Leigh, Founder & CEO of Sensational Kids.

Email: or Phone  045 520900


Support 300 children per week, children like JC, Brody, Fiadh and Hugo

Since Sensational Kids was founded in 2007, we have already changed the lives of more than 10,000 children, saving their families more than €2.5 million in therapy fees. We have seen a dramatic increase in demand for our services, and with the level of demand set to continue to rise in the coming years, we aim to continue to meet the needs of our current and future children and families.  With your help, we can expand the capacity of our therapy supports for children by building this new National Child Development Centre.