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At Sensational Kids, we work hard to ensure that children receive the best support in all aspects of their lives. Professional development and training of parents, teachers, education specialists and carers is part of our mission so that we can be at our best to support and help our children to develop, learn and grow to realise their potential.

Why train with us?

Our training workshops and additional needs courses are designed for professionals and parents, allowing you to upskill and be at your best to support the children in your care. Every year, over 500 professionals and parents benefit from upskilling with us.

Topics are relevant and timely, designed to support you and your child. Our courses and workshops are delivered by world-class experts and our multi-disciplinary team of therapists.

Upcoming Events


August 19, 2022

Making Sensory Integration Functional, Presented by Maude LeRoux

What should anyone need to know about our sensory systems? Because if we did not use them appropriately, it causes developmental delay which can impact every day living activities, academic learning and pro-social-emotional behaviour. In truth, we cannot function adequately each day if our sensory systems are not giving us the right messages at the right time. This workshop will introduce therapists, educators, carers, and others to the most pertinent pieces of information necessary to inform intervention and accommodating for individual needs. It will also provide each workshop participant with a sensory profile checklist that will support analysis of a sensory profile to aid intervention planning. The functional impact on toileting and feeding behaviour will be discussed with practical idea to support intervention. The workshop participant will leave the workshop with practical information that can guide the journey of learning forward as well better enable assessment and intervention regards sensory implications. It is a “must-have” type of workshop for anyone working with children and their families!
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October 14, 2022

Handwriting Without Tears Online Workshop October 2022

A must-do workshop for parents, teachers and healthcare professionals working with children to enhance writing skills. The online workshop provides you with the knowledge, skills and materials needed to effectively teach handwriting. Our comprehensive, easy-to-use curriculum applies engaging multisensory techniques and research-based methods to make handwriting a natural and automatic skill for children of all ages and abilities.
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Special Needs Training

In addition to our range of Continuous Professional Development workshops presented by leading world-class experts throughout the year, Sensational Kids multidisciplinary team offers tailored training to schools and organisations around Ireland.
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Training for schools and organisations


We also offer tailored training to schools and organisations around Ireland in the following areas:

  • Sensory Processing and Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders and developing play skills
  • Developing fine and gross motor skills
  • Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD) and play including developing independent care skills
  • Handwriting
  • Heavy work and movement breaks for attention and concentration
  • Helping children and young people with anxiety and stress
  • Organisational Skills
  • Sensory Processing
  • Speech & Language Therapy Tips.

If you share our passion for supporting children to be at their best, start learning and developing your career today with Sensational Kids! Discover our courses and workshops.