September 24, 2024

Autism and Special Interests Webinar with Professor Tony Attwood – September 2024

There appear to be several stages in the development of special interests and the presentation outlines the developmental sequence and the reasons why specific interests occur as part of the overall profile of autism.  The perspective of parents, teachers and the autistic person are explored and strategies are outlined to make constructive use of the interest or to reduce the dominance of a specific interest in the person’s daily life.
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August 28, 2024

Empowering Parents – The Self-Regulation Toolkit for Nurturing Resilient Children with Dr. Áine O’Dea PhD – August 2024

Join Dr. Aine O'Dea PhD, a renowned occupational therapist and coach, as we delve into reasons why children and adults find self-regulation challenging. Learn about self-regulation, the key building block that underpins our ability to engage in everyday activities in a calm and organised manner. Find out simple and effective ways to support you and your child to manage everyday life situations with greater ease. Aine will share a range of strategies aimed at enhancing your child’s ability to engage in the tasks they want and need to do - without feeling overwhelmed
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October 18, 2024

Handwriting Without Tears Online Workshop October 2024

A must-do workshop for parents, teachers and healthcare professionals working with children to enhance writing skills. The online workshop provides you with the knowledge, skills and materials needed to effectively teach handwriting. Our comprehensive, easy-to-use curriculum applies engaging multisensory techniques and research-based methods to make handwriting a natural and automatic skill for children of all ages and abilities.
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