Educational Psychological Assessments

How do I know if my child needs an Educational Psychological Assessment?

An Educational Psychological Assessment may be required if your child is struggling to keep up in school. An educational psychological assessment is required to determine a child’s needs for additional resources in school such as assistive technology, special needs assistants, resource hours, or for accommodations during exams in secondary school. An educational psychologist assesses a child’s IQ and cognitive (intellectual) functioning. An educational psychological assessment is the assessment required to determine if your child has dyslexia. Educational Psychological Assessments are also required to assist occupational therapists to confirm a diagnosis of dyspraxia / DCD (developmental co-ordination disorder).

How long does the assessment take?

The assessment session varies in length, but on average it takes 2 hours as it is quite comprehensive.  A detailed written report is supplied a few weeks after the assessment, which contains relevant history, test results, conclusions and recommendations for addressing any areas of difficulty which may have emerged.

The educational psychologist needs to get relevant background information from individuals, parents, schools, colleges or any other relevant sources.  Conclusions are made based on a combination of the history reported and the performance on the tests.

How long is an educational psychological assessment valid for?

All educational psychological assessments are valid for two years. When planning ahead for assessments it is important to remember that a child will usually need an assessment when going into primary school, when transitioning to secondary school and for exam years in secondary school to assess their requirements for additional resources at these times.


Educational Psychological Assessment Cost 

The cost of the complete educational psychological assessment including the written report is €520.

A booking deposit of €130 is required to book an appointment for a psychological assessment. The balance of €390 is payable on arrival for the assessment.

Payment can be made by credit/debit card or cash.

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Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel an appointment 72 hours notice is required to be given so that this appointment can be re-allocated.



Educational Psychological Assessments are available in

  • Kildare – Phone 045 520900
  • West Cork – Phone 023 887 8208
  • Mayo – Phone 094 9357005


Educational Psychologist

Assessments in Kildare are carried out by an experienced Educational Psychologist Breda Hand

Assessments in Cork at our Clonakilty Centre are carried out by an experienced Educational Psychologist John Doyle

Assessments in our Mayo Centre are carried out by en experienced Educational Psychologist Anne O’Rourke


How to Make An Appointment For an Educational Psychological Assessment

To make an appointment for an educational psychological assessment at Sensational Kids either in Kildare Town or Athlone phone us on  045 520900

  • West Cork phone 023 887 8208
  • Mayo phone 094 935 7005
  • Kildare phone 045 520900

We advise early booking in advance for educational psychological assessments


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