Changing Lives

Sensational Kids is a high impact organisation delivering life changing accessible and affordable early  interventions to 4,700+ children of all abilities, in the last 10 years.

Charlie has “high functioning Autism. He also has some sensory issues and he would struggle with some of his fine and gross motor skills, explains Charlie’s mum Michelle. She says “I was waiting over a year and a half trying to get services, whereas I had this immediately. I don’t know where we would have been without it. He has improved immensely, his diagnosis has changed. He’s socialising better. He’s progressing much better in school. He absolutely loves it here.”




“Ryan is one of those kids that goes from 0 to 100, it’s very hard for him to keep calm and to relax”, explains Ryan’s mum Diana. Laura his occupational therapist explains: “Ryan doesn’t get as much feedback from his muscles and joints as you or I, and that’s why he moves around all the time to help himself know where he is and his space. So by giving him certain types of Sensory input, that helps him to calm down and sit and do the activities that we want.” “The difference in him is wonderful to see”, says his mum.


“Thomas is 3 years of age. When he came to Sensational Kids, he was pretty good at letting people know what he wanted, but he wasn’t using his words to do that”, explains his speech and language therapist Elaine “For example, we use Mr. Potato Head which is all about interaction and using his eye contact to make choices and to listen. Hopefully we will get to the point where he is going to use those words independently.” Thomas’s dad says “The benefit Thomas is getting is great, it’s huge. He’s happy. I don’t think the progress could’ve been made without the input of Sensational Kids”.

100 Words and Counting…

“My little son JC was diagnosed with autism just before last Christmas,” explains Laura. “When he first started here in Sensational Kids he had 5 words, but he only used three: ‘Mama, Dada’ and ‘NO’. But mostly, it was just ‘NO’. Before we came here it was tantrums. I’d never understand what he wanted. We came to Sensational Kids and they started working with him using the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) which allowed him to communicate using pictures. He practically flew at it when he realized he could convey not only what he wanted, he could actually express his preferences and choices. It gave him the initiative to communicate. The tantrums went to practically zero. Then the vocabulary started to come.” Today, thanks to Sensational Kids, JC is up to nearly 100 words.

In Their Own Words

Elaine has a fantastic rapport with my son. He loves going for his appointments. She has tailored a very specific programme for him and sends on great resources to work on at home between appointments. The work and care that she provides for him is second to none. We are delighted with the progress he is making. His social language is really improving which makes his everyday interaction and life skills much easier for him”. (Sorcha Ní Chaoimh, parent)

I like everything about going to Elaine. I love all the work we do because it is fun. I like playing with the barn and the eggs. She is very nice and funny. I love her”. (Traolach, 6 years old)