Changing Lives

Sensational Kids is a high impact organisation delivering life changing interventions to 4,500+ children of all abilities so far.

100 Words and Counting…

“My little son JC was diagnosed with autism just before last Christmas,” explains Laura. “When he first started here in Sensational Kids he had 5 words, but he only used three: ‘Mama, Dada’ and ‘NO’. But mostly, it was just ‘NO’. Before we came here it was tantrums. I’d never understand what he wanted. We came to Sensational Kids and they started working with him using the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) which allowed him to communicate using pictures. He practically flew at it when he realized he could convey not only what he wanted, he could actually express his preferences and choices. It gave him the initiative to communicate. The tantrums went to practically zero. Then the vocabulary started to come.” Today, thanks to Sensational Kids, JC is up to nearly 100 words.

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