Sensory Blocks


A beautiful set of 16 building blocks with natural hardwood surrounds and a variety of different centres that will excite the senses.


Available on back-order


Sensory Blocks can be used for building, for creating patterns or as a stimulus to children’s creativity. Some are filled with liquid, others with glitter, beads and sand.

The blocks will promote observation in the wider sense, as all the shapes follow the same convention of colour and shape. So for example, regardless of the contents of the block, the square shape is always red.

The combination of smooth wood exterior and the brightly coloured sensory centre makes a fascinating component with a multitude of educational possibilities for use with children of all ages.

Supports the following areas of learning:

  • Personal Development – sensory
  •  Physical Development – construction
  •  Understanding the World – observation
  •  Understanding the World – colour & sound
  •  Maths – shape & space
  •  Communication & Language – descriptive language

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