Movin and Sit Junior Cushion


The Gymnic Move and Sit cushion is a triangular wedge shaped cushion designed to promote correct seated posture. The wedge shape is particularly helpful for children who have low muscle tone and tend to sit with a slumped posture. These cushions are also an effective way to provide children with regulating sensory input whilst they remain seated.

The Movin’ Sit Junior Cushion designed for children, is perfectly suitable for the small chairs of preschool and primary schools.  A senior size cushion is available for secondary school size or adult sized chairs.


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The Move and Sit Cushion by Gymnic is a quality wedge seat used for dynamic seating.

Helpful for decreasing fidgeting and increasing awareness and concentration in the classroom.

These innovative air cushions facilitate dynamic sitting by incorporating movement with conventional seating.

Move ‘n Sits provide movement and a lot of tactile stimulation without ever leaving your seat!

A perfect seating option for children who have a hard time staying put, and/or for those who aren’t really sure where their bodies are in space. What makes these really nice is that you can easily adjust the amount of air you put in them! Plus, these durable cushions can be washed with soapy water. Very versatile and effective seating.

It is particularly good for children who have rounded shoulders, or low muscle tone, as the seat helps the body sit in a good postural position.

The Move and Sit Cushion features a smooth surface on one side and sensory points on the other to accommodate a person’s needs.

Its great for allowing a student to move and sit!

This sitting wedge encourages active participation from the user to assume correct sitting posture. It’s design encourages forward pelvic positioning promoting proper alignment and good posture. It’s a great option for combining dynamic seating and static positioning. Inflate or deflate the wedge with a puff of air, no pump needed.


26cm x 26cm


Age/Years: 3+

Please adjust the inflation according to the wished comfort and stability level.

The provided movement and benefit are very similar to the beneficial action of the ball.

Recommended weight

Max. 45 kg – 100 lbs / Tested load capacity: max. 200 kg – 440 lbs.

Additional information

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Dimensions 0.0000 cm

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