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As a bridge between sensory processing and movement control, the vestibular system plays a major role in everything we do, including looking and listening.


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A healthy vestibular system is important to all of us, not only astronauts.

In this second book of the Handbooks for Innovative Practice series, Mary J. Kawar, MS, OTR, and Sheila M. Frick, OTR, present a long-awaited protocol for improving function in the Vestibular-Auditory-Visual Triad.

As a therapist, you will find this practical, spiral-bound handbook a valuable resource for expanding your treatment options. It presents clear, precise instructions and photographs of a vestibular-ocular protocol.

It includes a companion CD that contains music and space sounds which support ocular control and provide energizing rhythms and inviting melodies to fully engage clients in the activities.

Written for therapists who understand the principles of sensory integration and specialize in the treatment of Sensory Processing Dysfunction.

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