Sensory Diet Sheets


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Reduce the weight felt by children suffering from sensory overload.

Perfect for therapists treating sensory processing and modulation problems in children, the fun sheets in this book use multi-level games and activities to encourage self-regulation of sensory systems.

They target five sensory categories:

  • Movement and Balance (Vestibular)
  • Movement and Resistance (Proprioception)
  • Oral-Motor Tactile Visual, Auditory, and
  • Olfactory

Teach kids how to manage their arousal level to help them navigate a daily routine. Improve focus, concentration, coordination, and organization by making children active participants in the activities included in this book. They’ll love developing skills that help them feel “just right.”

Activities include worksheets with three levels of difficulty and games for all ages. You’ll also find easy-to-use templates for therapists, helpful handouts for parents, and more!

The printable CD-ROM lets you print pages in colour or black and white. *We recommend using these activities only under the supervision of a qualified professional trained in sensory integration theory and techniques. 

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