Giant Rainbow Springy


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A multi-coloured Slinky which glows brightly under UV light. An excellent fiddle toy ‘walks’ down stairs classic slinky fashion.

With a diameter of 15cm and a coiled height of 15.5cm, this rainbow coloured springy behaves like any other, just on a much larger scale.

It walks down stairs, jumps off desks and provides hours of addictive fun at your fingertips.

This up-scaled version of a retro classic is sure to turn heads and attract a lot of attention.

  • PERFECT TOY PARTY FAVOR – A classic novelty toy that anyone can enjoy, perfect for giving out as gifts to party guests.
  • FUN FOR EVERYONE – Children and adults will love playing with these colourful spring toys. An endless amount of entertainment watching these springs hop down a staircase, or just simply in your hands.
  • NEON BLEND STYLE COLOURS – A great looking multi-colour blend on each spring toy. Colours include orange, green, yellow, purple, & blue.

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