Body Sock


Designed for spatial awareness and interaction through balance and resistance.

Experience your body in a new way with  Body Sock by increasing body awareness, strength and creativity.

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Body Socks are designed specifically to provide spatial awareness through balance and resistance.

Users become enraptured as they explore the three-dimensional space they occupy, encouraging creative movement.

In addition, because the Lycra material is translucent they can see the shapes being created around them.

Each Body Sock has an easy  entrance, and is constructed from four way stretch Lycra with a reinforced Velcro-closed entrance.

What an exciting experience to offer pupils!

Your whole class could practice making sequences of shapes and take it in turns to show the whole class wearing the body socks.

A fantastic way to teach spatial language with reinforced tactile information from the lycra.

“Tall”, “wide”, “tiny”, all start to have more meaning when a child feels the shape they make.

Dimensions: 55 x 125 cm
From 3 years

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