Body Sock Benefits

The body sock is a fun and alternative way of offering the children an intense sensory experience. Once inside the children receive tactile, proprioceptive and deep pressure input- for some children these sensory inputs can be very calming and regulating. The socks come in 3 different sizes, ideally it would be helpful to try it out with your occupational therapist to determine if the child likes it and which size is best.
The lycra is stretchy and once the child is inside it offers them resistance as they move. The child can see out as it is a light, breathable material. A lot of children find the enclosed feeling to be calming and regulating – it creates a safe space almost for the child.
The body sock can make a fun and easy activity to include as part of child’s sensory diet.


Where to purchase the Body Sock?

The Body Sock is available from Sensational Kids Child Development & Learning Store


Product Review Written By

Laura Kelly, Occupational Therapist, at Sensational Kids


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