Laura Kelly, BSc OT, Occupational Therapist at Sensational Kids



Laura joined the team at Sensational Kids in May 2016. Prior to this Laura gained valuable experience working with both children and adults with disabilities across a wide variety of settings. Laura worked as a special needs assistant for July Provision in 2014. Following this, she completed an 11 week Occupational Therapy placement in Stewarts Care (Oct-Dec 2014), where working with people with disabilities, she gained experience in seating, Sensory Integration (SI), paediatric assessments, provision of adaptive equipment, environmental adaptions and group work. During the summer of 2015 Laura spent 3 months in a respite camp in the US, working as a carer for both children and adults with disabilities. Laura based her final year research project at Trinity College on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and the inclusion of students with ASD in Irish Secondary schools. From working in a variety of different roles Laura feels she can better empathise with and effectively support those with disabilities (and their families) to achieve their goals and aspirations.
Laura has a keen interest in horses and ‘hippotherapy’. Hippotherapy literally means treatment with the help of a horse, from the Greek word hippos meaning horse. The American Hippotherapy Association (AHA) has defined hippotherapy as “the use of the movement of the horse as a strategy by Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech-Language Pathologists to address impairments and functional limitations. This strategy is used as part of an integrated treatment program to achieve functional outcomes” (AHA, 2000). Laura travelled to Texas in June 2017 to complete her Level 1 training in Hippotherapy. Sensational Kids hopes to begin trialling our Hippotherapy project in March 2018.
Professional Qualifications:
Trinity College, Dublin Honours Degree in Occupational Therapy

Professional Memberships

  • AOTI member (Association of Occupational Therapists in Ireland)
  • CORU (organisation for regulating health and social care professionals)

Continuous Professional Development

Since completing her degree in May 2016 Laura has been eager to engage in continued professional development to grow and enhance her skills as an occupational therapist. The courses Laura has completed include;

  • Attended Council of Occupational Therapists of European Countries (COTEC) and European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education (ENOTHE) Conference 2016. The conference offered a series of talks on ‘Children and Young people’ covering a variety of disabilities.
  • ‘Handwriting without tears’ workshop which uses a multi-sensory approach to teaching children handwriting (October 2016)
  • ‘Keyboarding without tears’ workshop (October 2016)
  • ‘Traffic Jam in my Brain; A sensory processing aproach to managing challenges associated with Autism, ADHD and Learning and Behaviour disorders’ (on-line, November 2016).
  • TUSLA Children First Child Protection training (November 2016)
  • DIR Floortime Approach ‘The action is in the interaction! Developmental, Individual differences, Relationship based model; Integrating the neurological and emotional development of the child’, Dr.Stanley Greenspan. (March 2017)
  • ‘Outcome Framework & Goal Attainment Scale’ Workshop presented by Dr.Sidney Chu. (March 2017)
  • Hippotherapy Level I with the American Hippotherapy Association in Texas in June 2017
  • The Cognitive Orientation to Daily Occupational Performance Approach (CO-OP) workshop presented by Dido Green, PhD, MSc, DipCOT & Ann Summers, MSc, BSc, MISCP
  • Sensory Defensiveness 3 day Workshop presented by Julia Wilbarger, Ph.D., OTR & Tracy Murnan Stackhouse, MA, OTR (December 2017).


Occupational Therapy Appointments

To make an appointment for occupational therapy assessment or intervention with Laura phone Sensational Kids 045 520900