Benefits of Using the Shape & Sounds Sorter

Is your child having some difficulty with hand eye coordination or finding it difficult to distinguish the difference between different colours and shapes?


If so then they may benefit from a Shapes and Sound Sorter

Battat’s Shapes and sound sorter is a bright and durable noise making toy which promotes the learning of shapes, colours and the improvement of hand-eye coordination. It also stimulates a child’s ability to pay attention, concentrate and observe.

It is best suited to children who are 18 months or over. It has big, chunky pieces which are ideally suited for small hands.

I enjoy using this toy in speech & language therapy as it is perfect for cause/effect type play. It is quite a motivational toy, since the shapes make noise as they are placed into their slots. It is perfect for promoting language learning and its use, as shapes can be withheld and then children are required to communicate by requesting for more. It is also useful for teaching how to make choices and for taking turns.

This toy is fun, bright and ideal for engaging little minds


Written By


Elaine Baldwin Senior Speech and Language Therapist at Sensational Kids


Where Can I Purchase The Shapes & Sounds Sorter?

The Shapes and Sound Sorter is available from Sensational Kids Child Development & Learning Store


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