Speech & Language Tips for the Car


Believe it or not, you can get Speech & Language practice in during car journeys on your Staycation this summer!

Sit in the back with your child if they need eye contact and visual clues (e.g. pointing, gesture).

Car games like I Spy or a modified I Spy offer the perfect opportunity for turn taking and oral language development. Let your child take the lead and pitch the game at their level. For younger children, games such as “I see a car, (insert child’s name) what do you see?” “I see a tractor. Mammy, what do you see?” and so on are perfect for building confidence and reinforcing language or visual cues. You can build on this by commenting on colour and/or size, such as “I see a red car, (insert child’s name) what do you see?”


Have fun with it and take this great opportunity to build on your child’s skills and language development!