We have our boy back

Jamie’s Story – “We have our boy back”

My son Jamie first came to Sensational Kids nearly one year ago and what a year it has been. We first came as Jamie was having horrible thoughts and wanted to hurt himself, pulling terrible tantrums, and as an eight-year-old, they were very hard to handle.

When I rang Sensational Kids to explain my case I was at my last wits. I got in touch with Yvonne and she has been like an angel ever since. They saw how much Jamie needed guidance. We were in for our first visit the next week and since then he has been going from strength to strength, from a child that wouldn’t go into school, and hated everyone around him and himself. Jamie has been doing play therapy with Yvonne. He loves it and can’t wait to come in.

Yvonne has been talking to Jamie as he knows Sensational Kids and her room is a safe place to be. He loves working in the playroom because he can run, jump, be as rough as he likes to be and not get hurt. Jamie has since been diagnosed with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and sensory processing disorder. Things have gotten much better as Yvonne has showed Jamie tricks he can even use during the day to ground himself and stop his anxiety. He now goes into school with no problem, knows his own body when he is starting to get angry, how to relax himself, and not have an outburst (this is a really good thing not even just for Jamie but for the whole family) Simple things like we couldn’t bring him to a shop without an outburst and now we can, which means so much to us. As Jamie gets older these are life skills that he needs to know.

Basically, I could not thank Yvonne and Sensational kids enough, because we were at our wits end with Jamie and hoping he would not hurt himself. All them thoughts are now gone, and we can relax a little. The only thing I would say to parents is your child is Not Bold. Sometimes they are just misunderstood, and everyone is different.
I would recommend this service to everybody.

We have our boy back ?

Jamie’s Mum,
May 2019

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