Tips for parents of children starting school from Maria Osborne, Educational Psychologist at Sensational Kids

  • Use books, sticker and activity books to help your child to understand what to expect in September.
  • Talk regularly about the excitement of starting school and about what your child’s expectations, fears and worries may be
  • Keep in touch over the summer with any children you know who will be in your child’s class – arrange a couple of play dates in the last couple of weeks if possible.
  • It’s good to talk about problem-solving, for example, what to do if we’re hurt, worried or unhappy. Stress to your child the importance of never being afraid to ask for help or to let an adult know if something has happened that’s made them unhappy.
  • Have a special trip out to buy stationary and other things your child will need. Label everything!
  • Wash uniforms in your usual detergent beforehand and have your child wear in their new shoes.

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