Tips from Sensational Kids Speech & Language Therapist

Senior Speech & Language Therapist at Sensational Kids, Sarah Gorman provides some speech & language therapy tips:   Attention Tips:  Keep activities brief or structure them into short blocks Allow for regular breaks Alternate between challenging and less challenging activities Present one activity or idea at a time Keep distractions to a minimum Increase goals gradually Ensure that tasks are meaningful and are within your child’srange of ability   Receptive Language Tips: Use simple and concise language Use pauses when speaking and go slow Support language with gestures and visual cues Give instructions as they are expected to happen Allow for processing time – try not to repeat a sentence/instruction immediately Turn questions into sentence starters where possible e.g. ‘The wolf lived in the…?’ Use strong/animated facial expressions to match language and model feelings   Expressive Language Tips: Give your child your full attention when they want to speak Use […]

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