Tactile Popper Shapes


Kids will enjoy sticking these colourful pieces on any flat surface and plucking them off again!

These textured rings are designed to be pulled apart, and looped back together using the suction cups which makes a satisfying sound when pulled apart again.

You can also create a chain by looping each shape together or you can stick them to a wall or window.

These are also great bath toys too!

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This pack of 6 textured silicon rings are brightly coloured and made from easy to clean silicon, creating a smooth velvet finish. Each ring comes in a different colour, with a different texture and a different shapes..

Suction the pieces on any smooth surface, likes windows, bathtubs, refrigerator, tables, doors etc., but don’t worry, they will not leave any residue when popping off!


Encourages creativity, fine motor skills, bi-lateral hand function, tactile stimulation, hand strengthening, interaction.

Provides relaxation and sensory stimulation.

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