Stop Think Do – Social Skills Training for ages 12-15 (includes free set of posters)


Stop Think Do: Social Skills Training for ages 12-15

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STOP THINK DO is a social skills programme for use in schools with children who have emotional–social–behavioural difficulties that affect their ability to make friends. It is designed as a classroom curriculum for children to prevent such difficulties arising.

Originally designed for Australian schools, it is now internationally recognised as an invaluable social skills programme and is being used by many schools and CPD groups around the world.

STOP THINK DO develops a positive social culture in classrooms, particularly because teachers are modelling the same skills they teach students. The academic progress of children is also facilitated by a co-operative classroom.

STOP THINK DO develops emotional and social intelligence in children as they learn how to understand and control their feelings at STOP, how to think about their options and likely consequences at THINK, how to behave appropriately at DO, and how to be motivated to use these skills in all social situations in their lives.

This manual contains a personal and social skills training program for pre- and young adolescents in their middle years of schooling, transitioning from primary to secondary school. It is a supplement to more comprehensive primary school manuals. This manual also contains strategies for mainstream teachers and coordinators who are required, or may wish to, teach specific topics or key competencies in their curriculum that relate to personal and social skills. Various applications in the middle school are discussed; for students with special needs, for mainstream students, for peer mediation, for developing home-school collaboration and for improving the behaviour management skills of teachers and other school staff.

STOP THINK DO aims to:

  • Prevent adverse consequences resulting from poor social skills and peer friendships
  • Improve the social skills and peer friendships of children who already have problems
  • Develop cooperative classrooms and school
  • Develop emotional intelligence, self-esteem and confidence through increased awareness, skills training and goal achievement
  • Empower students by teaching self-control, decision making and positive actions
  • Develop group skills including active participation, cooperation, organisation and leadership
  • Improve relationships through the use of a common language, problem-solving process, shared goals and regular feedback

About the Authors:

Lindy Petersen is a clinical psychologist with thirty years’ experience working with children, adolescents, parents and teachers in clinical and school settings. She is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Phil Lewis has considerable experience as a teacher, deputy and principal in secondary schools in South Australia. He is an adviser and consultant on staff training, management, pastoral care and curriculum programmes, including the implementation of STOP THINK DO in secondary schools.

Authors: Lindy Petersen with Phil Lewis

Age Suitability: 12 – 15

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