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Often these people can remember spelling test lists in the short term, but cannot write effectively because they soon forget the correct spelling. The carefully constructed methods within Stareway To Spelling ensure that the 300 most used words can be committed to long-term memory and recalled at will by the student. These words cover three-quarters of all that we read and write, giving students the confidence to tackle writing on any subject and providing them with the strategies required to continue improving their spelling generally. Each spelling section is preceded by reading tests and exercises that ensure that the student can read these words before the spelling procedures are started. This can reinforce the confidence of weak readers, and is useful in its own right, or as part of a teaching plan involving Toe By Toe.

As with all Keda Cowling’s literacy manuals, Stareway To Spelling is a complete self-contained teaching aid that can be used by qualified teachers or by classroom assistants, parents or indeed any literate associate. Precise instructions, developed during years of classroom research, ensure that progressive improvement can be achieved at an early stage. By the end of the manual the student will have strengthened the link between sight and sound, which is vital for the correct recall of words for spelling.

Alternative lesson plans for use with Stareway To Spelling have been prepared as follows:

  • Lesson Schedule A is designed for weaker students with severe spelling problems who tend to make a lot of errors when tested. This schedule covers the Most Used Words in blocks of 50 words.
  • Lesson Schedule B deals with the Most Used Words in blocks of 100. It is suitable for stronger students who make fewer errors. As spelling is taught in groups of 8 words at a time, it is necessary to test these students with a larger number of words.


“I have been using Stareway to Spelling with one of my pupils this year. I have found it so helpful. Since September 2006 his spelling age has increased from 7 years to 8 years 3 months. (He is 10 years old). We have not finished the course yet, but hope to very soon. He really enjoys doing it, especially when he gets to check his spellings himself… It has completely changed his attitude to spelling” – Carolyn Bennett, Special Needs teacher, Republic of Ireland

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