Sensory Room – Calming Kit


Ever heard of a “sensory room” and wondered what it’s all about?

Well, as more people become aware of sensory needs, parents, therapists, and institutions are teaming up to create spaces that are super welcoming for everyone.

Our Therapists Team, along with insights teachers and educators, has spilled the beans to bring you this guide on understanding what sensory rooms are all about.



Calming rooms are designed with sensory-avoiders in mind—kids who easily get overwhelmed and need a break from sensory stimulation.

This large kit is the ultimate for visual stimulation and perfect for fitting out your sensory room.

Some of the items come with remote controls so you can change colour as the mood takes.

This kind of lighting is often referred to as “autism-friendly lighting” because children with ASD frequently experience a sensory processing disorder that affects their visual system.

Weighted products providing deep pressure input can trigger calming signals from muscles to the brain, helping kids reorganize their thoughts and enhance focus.


Because everyone’s needs vary, there’s no one-size-fits-all fix. It’s all about finding what works for each individual!


Kit 1 includes:

you can also add an amazing bubble tube with no bubbles!

Designed specifically for areas where water is not an option, the Colour Column features a frosted acrylic tube which changes colour and light pattern at the touch of a button.



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Kit 1, Kit 1 and Colour Column

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