Scent-Sational Bubbles


Scent-Sational Bubbles developed by TalkTools Instructor Robyn Merkel-Walsh,  is an innovative product which considers the olfactory system, specifically “smell”.

Matching pleasurable aromas with positive therapy experiences maximizes the fun of therapy and can create positive memories and an overall feeling of well-being.

Parents and therapists may choose  one of the kit’s blends of “Breathe“, “Relax” or “Focus” based on individual needs and goals.

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Features for all Scent-Sational Bubbles

  1. 3 Goal-based Blends
  2. Made in USA
  3. FDA compliant, Latex-, Lead-, BPA-, and Phthalates free


  1. Encourages nasal breathing, attention to task and /or a calming environment.
  2. Allows for new sensory experiences for existing TalkTools® bubble programs.
  3. Great for home carryover.
  4. Great for use with all abilities and in combination with other oral sensory-motor techniques.
  5. Loved by parents and children alike across eight years of clinical evidence.

Note: Bubble wand style & color may vary.

Tip: These Scented Bubbles can be used with bubble programs in OPT for Speech Clarity & Feeding, SMILE or the Bubble Kit , as a reinforcer in therapy sessions / home practice or as a prompt for nasal breathing in Orofacial MYOfunctional Therapy.

Warning: Use with adult supervision.

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