Crackle Baff Colours


Add some excitement to bath time with Crackle Baff Colours!

Sprinkle the powder over your bath water and listen to it crackle, pop and magically change colour!



Fun sensory bath experience
Stain free, non toxic formula that is kind to the skin
Crackle Baff completely dissolves in the water – easy to dispose of and kind to the environment
Contains 6 sachets – enough for six bathtubs full of fun!


Crackle Baff Colours 6 Pack – 60g Contains:

  • 6 x 10g Crackle Sachets,  2 x Red, 2 x Blue & 2 x Yellow

Skin Safe – Drain Safe – Easy Clean – Stain Free

Our powder is certified biodegradable!

  • Crackle Baff Colours is great for sensory play for children and stimulates the sense of hearing.
  • Crackle Baff Colours is Skin safe, drain safe, easy clean & stain free just like the entire range of Zimpli Kids products.
  • This is a 6 bath pack so you can have plenty of fun bath times!
  • Simply sprinkle your crackle powder over your bath water and experience the colourful popping sound!
  • Empty and drain as normal after use!
  • It’s like popping candy for your bath! Once you get in, you won’t want to get out!

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6 x Bath Pack, 3 x Bath Pack

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