Sand and Water Table Set


This ocean theme sand and water table with specially designed lid and the accessories brought sand and water play to a new level.

It is a perfect platform for children to explore the natural properties of sand and water, build problem-solving skills, and unleash their creativity.


Water can be easily drained through an opening at the bottom after use.  Alternatively, the tub can be filled with sand for varied sensory experiences.

The tub can be used with or without the stand, which is adjustable to three heights and has two locking castors for easy transport.

The set includes:

  • Sand and Water Clam (Tub, Lid, Adjustable Stand) x 1
  • Accessory Set x 1 (Funnel x 1, Water Slide x 2, Water Wheel x 2, Scoop x 1)
  • Dimension: 66.6 x 82 x 45~59 (L x W x H)
  • Maximum load: 60 kg
  • Maximum volume: 40 L


Thematic Sand and Water Play
1. This ocean-themed sand and water table includes a Funnel, Water Slides, Water Wheel, and Scoop.
2. The transparent tub with a stepped edge design allows children to experience variations in depth.
3. The sand table can be placed on the ground or use the two locking casters to secure the table in place. Sand and Water Clam can be moved from room to room or indoors to outdoors.

Multifunctional Lid
1. When the lid is set upright in the tub, accessories can be mounted on both sides of the lid with the accompanying suction cups. It builds up a playground with water flowing through the vertical walls.
2. Children can use the lid as a tray for sand drawing or building sandcastles. It also acts as a storage tray when placed beneath the tub.

Exploring Water Flow
1. The accessories designed with suction cups can be attached to the lid or other smooth surfaces.
2. By arranging the position of the accessories to make water flow in different directions. Children develop their problem-solving skills through these activities.

More Functional Design
1. 3 heights can be adjusted according to children’s height. It is easy to move the Sand and Water Clam with the locking casters.
2. Two round compartments are designed for storing accessories and make opening and closing the lid easy.
3. The drain plug makes draining and cleaning the sand and water table easy.
4. Scoop with a wavy edge can shovel the sand easily and be used for pouring the water.

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