Lacing Vehicles


This wooden game with 1 drawstring with a wooden tip for easy lacing.

Each figure has two holes, through which child can thread the cord.

Each game set has 8 cards with different lacing sequences.

These cards could be given for children from 3 years old, so the child can choose, sort, count the figures by his/her own using the sequence cards for lacing.

Set is also good for the role plays, as having different game characters.

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This toy helps child to learn:

  • different colors
  • different figures and shapes
  • different vehicles
  • you can learn to count and expand your child’s vocabulary while playing

This toy develops:

  • motor skills of hands and fingers
  • movements coordination and usage of both hands at the same time
  • ability to achive goals
  • creativity and imagination
  • association skills
  • memory and attentiveness
  • spatial thinking and logic
  • speaking and communication skills
  • perseverance and many other useful skills

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