A friend for life

inmuJOY is a beautifully designed sensory tool that appeals to children of all ages. Many form a strong emotional bond with their inmuJOY. It becomes a friend that accompanies you in your everyday life and for many years to come. This is why we have focused on designing inmuJOY to be timeless and to be made of robust, high-quality materials.






A non-stigmatising teddy bear

inmuJOY is like a teddy bear or small pet – it is soft and feels alive. It is great to cuddle and hold close to your body. Like a purring cat, inmuJOY starts to vibrate gently when you touch it. inmuJOY fits in naturally everywhere. With the inmuJOY strap, you can take inmuJOY with you wherever you go. Whether you are 8 or 38 years old, it just looks like you are carrying a bag. It gives you a sense of security to have your inmuJOY with you when you go out among other people. inmuJOY has two small loops. In one of them hangs an inmu pendant that can also be used as a teething plate. You can also attach your own gadgets or a name tag to the loops.

A fairytale for the senses

An inmuJOY is intelligent sensory stimulation. inmuJOY’s advanced software and sensor technology generates music and vibrations in a way that stimulates your curiosity. When you touch or move the inmuJOY, it not only plays sounds or a song. A musical adventure unfolds – new doors open and new things happen. You will find that the music is recognisable, but there are always new and surprising things happening. This is why you will never get tired of listening to it. An inmuJOY is also a fairytale for your fingers. The sense of touch is stimulated by the variety of materials and figures. It appeals to the imagination and storytelling. The music, visual expression and shapes are designed to create a harmonious whole.

Designed for hyper sensitive souls

The music played by the inmuJOY is specially designed for people with high sound sensitivity. It is quiet and predictable. The brain is positively stimulated by the subtle changes in the music. The user can control the changes in the music by the way they move. When you hold inmuJOY close to your body, you feel the music. In this way, even deaf people can experience music through their bodies. People with sensory challenges – such as ASD – can be very sensitive to touch. With your hand in the pocket, the inmuJOY can be used to stroke, caress or lay it on the body without direct body contact. The inmuJOY has organic shapes and lines that your hands love to explore. The many types of fabric provide different tactile sensations. As fingers and hands explore, you get a special sensory experience that even visually impaired and blind people can enjoy. The inmuJOY has a teething plate with tactile elements that stimulate if the user needs to put things in their mouth.

Arousal regulation with music and vibrations

Advanced sensor technology enables inmuJOY to register the user’s arousal level. If the user moves energetically with inmuJOY, the inmuJOY it will play happy and cheerful music. If the user sits quietly and cuddles with inmuJOY, the music is calm and relaxing. The user feels as being met at their arousal level. inmuJOY is designed with music and vibrations that lead to a lower arousal level.

Neuro-educational tool

Neuroscience research has shown that learning improves with music and movement. Many find that they can take in information better when their hands are engaged. Use inmuJOY at school or at home and experience how it improves your ability to focus and concentrate. The music creates a shielding room. The vibrations allow you to feel yourself and release anxiety and tension in your body. When sitting and cuddling with your fingers and feeling the tactile

Music making for everyone

Holding an inmuJOY in your hands is a unique experience. You feel the music and feel how you can shape and change the music with your hands. An inmuJOY is not a musical instrument. But it composes music together with you. Your movements and touch make the music change. Even if you have physical or mental challenges that prevent musical expression, or have no experience playing music, the inmuJOY gives you an amazing opportunity to make music.


Sensory stimulation wherever you are

Use the inmuJOY for a calming break. You can take inmuJOY with you and use it wherever you need to feel calm and secure. People with conditions such as autism, ADHD and cognitive difficulties can sit and cuddle with it and receive soothing sensory stimulation. The gentle sensory stimulation helps to reduce anxiety and fear in difficult or challenging situations: at the dentist’s, on the bus, in a crowded place or during a difficult conversation.


inmuJOY is robust and hygienic

inmuJOY is designed to be used by people with motor or cognitive challenges. It is made of robust materials and can withstand being dropped or thrown. You can even sit or stand on it without breaking it. The cover is easy to remove and can be washed at 60ºC. In the unlikely event of a spill, the inmuJOY is protected with a water-repellent inner cover. Both the outer cover and the inner cover can withstand being wiped off with 70-85% ethanol spirits.


Ideal sleep aid

The meditative music and gentle vibrations take your focus away from unwanted thoughts and anxiety. You feel relaxed and safe when you hold the inmuJOY close to you. inmuJOY senses and responds to your breathing. The music gradually becomes quieter and more relaxing. You will feel the vibrations in your body. When you fall asleep, inmuJOY senses this and goes silent. There is no need to switch it on or off. When you wake up, it senses it. It immediately begins to play soothing music until you fall asleep again.

Use inmuJOY therapeutically

inmuJOY is a therapeutic sensory tool that allows you to work with sensory training in a completely new way. Music, vibration and tactility in combination with movement provide endless possibilities for sensory stimulation and therapeutic activities.

Attention exercises

The inmuJOY enables you to do listening exercises that create wordless communication. You can, for example, swing or move around in the room with the inmuJOY. Use the vibrations for focus and concentration exercises. The inmuJOY can be held between the hands, placed on the body and even under the feet. The inmuJOY is designed with tactile elements that provide a sensory journey that triggers the imagination – an adventure.

Multi sensory training

An inmuJOY provides unique opportunities to combine multiple senses. The different types of fabric and tactile elements offer different tactile experiences – from coarse fabric to soft fur. The organic shapes create harmony in the body. When the pocket is turned over, you get new sensory experiences. The entire surface of one side becomes soft fur. The other side becomes a very special experience. You can put your hands in the pocket and feel the textures, structures and patterns in the pocket. Visually impaired and blind people love it.

Music in your therapy

Playing music brings joy, music opens up emotions and memories, music improves learning and concentration. Incorporating music into your therapeutic work couldn’t be easier than with inmuJOY. You don’t need a prior understanding of music. The music is played as the user interacts with the inmuJOY. You don’t need cables and equipment, and you don’t need apps and playlists. inmuJOY allows the user to experience the ability to create high-quality music with their interaction. Users will find that inmuJOY responds musically to swinging, shaking, pressing, tapping, stroking, stroking, throwing and hugging. The music evolves with repetitions of the same gesture, so you are rewarded musically when you are patient. inmuJOY also recognises and responds to rhythmic movements and breathing.

Motor training

Motor exercises – such as arm exercises – take on a new dimension when you include a musical response and the vibrations. The music motivates continuous repetitive movements. The music evolves over time when you repeat the same movement. You hear and feel a rhythmic pulse that can be used actively in the exercises. For example, the inmuJOY can be placed between the foot and the footrest of a wheelchair. This gives the user the impulse to move the foot and leg. The handle and pocket offer many possibilities for exercises. It makes it easy to move with the inmuJOY. The inmuJOY straps (see below) also provide people with motor challenges the opportunity for motivating motor activities.



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