Rush Hour Game Review

The Rush Hour game involves problem solving and sequencing. You move the cars back and forth to figure out how to clear obstacles and free the ‘icecream truck’. In occupational therapy session I love to use this activities with children to work on attention, concentration, planning and sequencing. It requires a trial and error style approach, that is the child continues to attempt moving the cars around until they find the solution – there is no wrong answer, just a need for a new plan.

Rush Hour encourages children to identify a plan, think a few steps ahead and then problem solve when that does not work out.

From my experience kids loves this game and it is a great way to encourage independent thinking and problem solving. The children have a great sense of achievement when they free the ‘icecream truck’ and are keen to try the next level

Where to purchase Rush Hour?

Rush Hour is available from Sensational Kids Child Development & Learning Store


Product Review Written By

Laura Kelly, Occupational Therapist, at Sensational Kids


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