Weighted Pet Dog-1kg


The dog is human’s best friend!

Chic and elegant, this comforting weighted animal with a velvet coat brings comfort, soothes the excess of energy, encourages relaxation and sleep, reduces anxiety, promotes attention and concentration and helps to regulate emotions and behaviours.

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The weighted dog also allows to work on fine motor skills (the scarf can be handled) and can be a source of olfactory stimulation (the scarf can be perfumed).

Can be used on the shoulders, chest, back or thighs.

Weighted animals can be children’s comforting companion and valuable partners for parents.

It helps children remain attentive in class, maintains focus for homework, alleviates excess energy or provides the necessary calmness for bedtime.

They can also accompany a child during moments of relaxation, develop imagination, or simply be there to hug!

The weighted dog can be placed as required on the shoulders and around the neck or on the child’s lap depending on the shape of each animal.

Due to the animal’s weight, recommended use is 15 – 20 minute periods.

As from 3 years old

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