Rain Maker


The original rainbow maker, a fun educational toy.

The long length allows longer sounding experience of gently falling “rain”.

40cm high.

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As the rain maker rotates, the rainbow coloured beads cascade through the tube recreating the soft sound of gently falling rain.

This is a classic percussion instrument with a twist.

The original rainmakers were made from a dried out cactus filled with seeds; this modern version with the addition of rainbow coloured beads and a clear prism effect tube creates wonderful sounds and visual effects that are sure to enchant both children and adults providing endless hours of fascinating entertainment.

Measuring forty centimetres, the Rainbomaker is manufactured to the highest quality standards  by Hallilit and is recommended for children aged 12 months and up.

The Rainbomaker is attractively packaged in a colourful open box and is a beautiful gift to be appreciated by children of all ages that will provide hours of delight

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