We Gears Building Set


No Finger Trap Worries!

The final set of the We Block Series add the element of movement.

Children can learn about gears and movement in a bright and colorful way.

Both the large and small gears can fit into the holes on the panels and the handles fit onto both the small and large flowers allowing for tons of designs.


The We Gears Building Set is a tactile construction set that helps develop imaginative reasoning as well as developing fine and gross motor skills.

This is large-scale construction that will assist in inspiring a child’s imagination and improve their creativeness.

Also aids in fostering a child’s idea of space, being flat, and being three-dimensional.



Allow children to learn the concept of gear transmission by changing the speed torque and direction of a power source.

The We Gears cultivate little engineers’ great capabilities for learning science with limitless creative play, either 2-D or 3-D creations.

Enhancing grow motor skills and sensory stimulation when moving, assembling, and dismantling.

Comprised of 14 different modules that fit together with all of the blocks in the We-Block series.

Children are able to understand the idea of gear transmission by altering the speed and direction of a power source.

  • Includes:
    6 green panels with holes
    2 large flower gears, 4 small flower gears
    2 handles

Suitable for 2yrs +


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