Think Tanglers


Think Tanglers are a set of cards containing lots of tangled questions to provoke thinking and designed to spark meaningful conversations with a philosophical twist at home or in school.

The cards are designed to promote both an immediate response and further enquiry.

Challenge children with some fun and surprising questions and follow their thinking about big ideas.

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– P4C – Philosophy for Children – Cards for Thinking Together

Think Tanglers contain lots of tangled questions to provoke thinking. The cards are designed to promote both an immediate response and further enquiry. Children are naturally curious about the BIG questions of life and the world. These cards will help you explore some BIG ideas in a fun way. Spend time nourishing family, friends and peer relationships and learn a thing or two about each other. In schools, the cards are used as fabulous conversation starters for thinking time and discussion in the classroom on important topics, from science to ethics and the meaning of life.


How the cards are used:

  1. Let the child choose a random card. They or you read out the question on the front of the card
  2. On the other side of the card, use the related questions to take the conversation further. Ask for reasons to support the child’s answer
  3. Use additional questions from the support Yes/No/Maybe cards for adults to take the conversation further
  4. Each card explores a big idea such as truth, value, bravery, identity, etc. Try to discover which idea it is
  5. Follow the child’s train of thought and explore the emerging questions and problems. Enjoy the conversation

Joker Card:

If the child draws the Joker card, it is the child’s turn to ask you the questions. Give reasons for your answers when you respond and ask the child about their perspective of the topic.

Challenge your creative thinking:

Each card has a word below the main question. Draw an additional card and think of any connections between the two words (e.g. What does a ‘BICYCLE’ have in common with ‘LOVE’?). Ask for possible differences and/or similarities between the two words. Find as many as you can.


What’s in the Box:

  • 56 original cards
  • 250+ meaningful questions
  • unlimited ideas and meaningful conversations

Age Suitability:

  • 7 – adults

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