Therapy and Motor Skills Bundle


Each of these products help introduce children to learn a variety of exercises including yoga, and improve their strength, balance, motor skills, and coordination.


  • YOGARILLA CARDS – OTis the OT gorilla demonstrates over 50 yoga poses on illustrated 6″ x 8″ cards
  • BODY AWARENESS CARDS – 56 cards (3 1/4″ x 4 1/4′) with a colorful illustration of OTis in different body positions
  • SCOOTER BOARD CARDS – 54 new and creative scooter board activity cards (3″ x 5″) with colorful illustrations
  • MOVE YOUR BODY CARDS – 58 colorfully illustrated cards (3″ x 5″) have fun characters demonstrating movement activities (e.g., Gallop like a horse.)


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