The Strengths-Based Guide to Supporting Autistic Children


This flexible, dip-in-dip-out guide will introduce you to the strengths-based approach that is helping autistic children and their families to thrive.

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This flexible, dip-in-dip-out guide will introduce you to the strengths-based approach that is helping autistic children and their families to thrive. By focusing on how to identify, develop and use your child’s strengths to support them throughout childhood and into adolescence, this transformative approach is here to show you and your child that their unique character-strengths can empower them and shape their future.

Claire O’Neill combines her personal experience as an autistic person and mother to autistic children with her expert knowledge as a professional working with autistic young people to demonstrate the value of a strengths-based approach.

With step-by-step instructions on how parents and teachers can incorporate this approach easily into family and school life, Claire also offers a variety of specific tips, tricks and engaging activities to provide ongoing support for parents and teachers alike.


Claire O’Neill is a teacher, coach, neurodiversity consultant, Deputy Principal and published author. She is also Head of Training with Thriving Autistic and was previously a Health and Wellbeing Associate with the PDST (Professional Support Service for Teachers).

‘Being strength-aware has brought many moments of joy to our family life. It is this potential for growth and joy that I now want to share in this book’ – Claire O’Neill (author)


“This is a long-awaited and important book. Claire has combined her wealth of experience, passion and expertise with a rich evidence-base to offer parents and professionals a practical, strengths-based and neuroaffirmative framework to help autistic children thrive” – Dr Micaela Connolly, Senior Educational and Child Psychologist

“If you want to learn how to use your child’s strengths to promote their positive traits and talents, this book is for you. A clear and accessible read full of engaging activities that can be easily implemented, this book illustrates how adopting a strengths-based approach will enrich the lives of autistic children and their families” – Miriam O Connor, Autism Support Consultant, Emotion Coaching Practitioner and Parent of Autistic Children, MA SEN (Autism), HDip Applied Psychology

“This book is a must-read for every parent of an Autistic child! Rooted in a Neuroaffirmative framework and the depth of Claire’s professional and personal experience, this book is a step-by-step guide of practical and uplifting ideas and activities that will enhance your child’s sense of identity and self-esteem. It is a joy to read and a wonderful addition to Autistic literature” – Dr. Maeve Kavanagh, Clinical Psychologist, Childversity and The Adult Autism Practice

“This is an absolute gem of a book, which I have immediately added to my list of recommended books for all parents. Highly accessible, and working within a framework which in my experience is the single most effective way to support autistic children, this book is full of practical advice and resources. It will be so helpful to so many parents” – Davida Hartman, Adjunct Professor UCD School of Psychology, Clinical Director and Principal Psychologist at The Children’s Clinic and The Adult Autism Practice

“A breath a fresh air, Claire’s practical book gives a platform upon which parents can focus on the wonderful strengths of their autistic child and utilise these as a way of identifying an authentic, affirmative autistic self. A beautiful, uplifting, useful read” – Luke Beardon, Senior Lecturer of Autism at Sheffield University

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