Take a Motor Break Kit


Get ready for some active fun with our complete Motor Break Kit.

Whether kids need to move, stretch, or just take a break, this kit has it all.


Ideal for school breaks, or individual use, this kit is designed to engage both the body and the brain for a fantastic day every day.


Here’s what you’ll find in the kit:

  1. Scooter: Glide around and have a blast with our scooter, perfect for zooming and scooting around.
  2. Kids Trampoline: Bounce away for a burst of energy and a sensory boost with our specially designed trampoline.
  3. Yoga Cards: Encourage flexibility and focus with a set of yoga cards, making stretching and bending a fun and educational experience.
  4. Gym Balls: Play ball games that enhance coordination and motor skills, great for active play and teamwork.

This kit is tailored for sensory-seekers and those who are under-responsive, providing a well-rounded sensory diet.

Whether you’re setting up obstacle courses or just looking to add more movement to the child’s routine, the Motor Break Kit has got you covered.

Get ready to jump, move, stretch, bend, lift, scoot, and roll your way to a day filled with movement and learning!