Yoga Mini Cards Poses and Emotions


Create your own Yoga session with these fun illustrated cards!

Use these Mini Cards to create your own pose sequence or to draw the pose or emotion card of the day!

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Yoga is a playful yoga method for children which helps them to become aware of their body and emotions.

The mission of these Yoga Cards is to provide tools and advice so children can learn while becoming aware of their well-being.

Yoga helps children: develop their concentration, promote their well-being, build their, self-esteem, become aware of their bodies and help them sleep better.

No need to be a yoga professional to be able to use these tools and organize yoga sessions/moments in a class or with children at home.

You can easily develop your own sequences of yoga poses using this card set and even manage to get kids talking about their emotions!

Contents: 36 pose cards and 20 emotion cards.


The front of each Mini Pose Card features a pose and its name in four languages (EN, FR, DE, ES) while the reverse details instructions (in EN and FR).

The front of each Mini Emotion Card features an emotion with its name in four languages.

Cards are held together thanks to a removable ring to be attached to any other round support or to easily take some cards out.

Card size: 9x10cm.

Ideal for ages 4-8.