Stretchy String


Brightly colored stretchy squishy squeezy 12” sensory strands that stretch up to 6 feet!

You’ll find infinite uses for these record-breaking stretchy sensory fidgets!


This money-saving set includes 3 silky soft, textury stretchy strings – includes:  bumpy, ridged, and smooth!

Twist, tug, twirl, roll, tie, coil, create little stretchy creatures, wear ’em as stretchy fidget bracelets, use ’em for finger exercises or handwriting warm-ups, and much more.

Stretch your imagination!

Stretchy Strings make a fabulous sensory toy and fidget tool for kids-adults.


Perfect as instant fidget bracelets, or tie ’em on classroom chairs for finger and hand warm-up exercises.


Come in assorted fun colors. EXTRA COOL!

Set contains pack of 3 stretchy strings.

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Weight 0.3000 lbs