The Stretch-eze can be compared to the Body Sock but is easier to use.

Stand, sit or lie in this wide elastic, and experience it strain against your body.

An ideal tool for children with low tone, motor planning challenges or sensory integration dysfunction. Stretchy lycra loop band is intended to be used individually for stretching, movement and other therapeutic uses. The Stretch-eze provide resistance and act as a calmer – bringing a sensorimotor challenge to resistance.

The benefits realized from using the Stretch-eze resistance band are:

  • supported and pain free exercise
  • increased ligament strength at the joints
  • increased overall body coordination
  • no build up of tension


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The Stretch-eze resistance band is an innovative method of improving dynamic stretch and core strength popular with dancers and athletes. Being wrapped within the Stretch-eze during resistance exercises supplies upper and lower body pressure for support. This method promotes muscle elasticity, body alignment, coordination, and development of a solid body core.

Individual nylon lycra stretch band for resistance and stretch exercises increases overall body coordination while supporting you in pain-free exercise. There is no build up of tension as you stretch one muscle group while stabilizing the opposing body part. Use this resistance stretch band to stretch AND strengthen.

  • The Stretch-eze stretch band Improves dynamic stretch and strength by: using resistance to stretch and strengthen the muscles simultaneously
  • Stretching a muscle group while stabilizing an opposing body part
  • Creating counter-tensional pressure or pull between the upper and lower body



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