Snug And Hug Sheet


The ultimate soothing deep pressure compression bed sheets!

These twin-size sensory sheets fit over the mattress like a sock (with open toes), making them easy to adjust so they feel just right.

Snug and Hug Soothing Sensory Sheets provide the perfect amount of deep pressure proprioceptive “hugging” input that makes bodies feel calm and relaxed – and promotes better sleep.

Children who have sensory defensiveness, autism, ADHD, or are deep pressure sensory seekers – love these innovative sheets.




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Made of breathable nylon and spandex, these neat compression sheets are ideal for individuals who really like deep pressure input, but not the heavy feel of weighted blankets. These twin-size sheets are machine washable; air dry is recommended.

Do your sensory sensitive kids need help settling down to sleep? Just slip our Snug and Hug Soothing Sensory Sheet over the mattress like a pillowcase.

What do sensory sheets do?

Sensory bed sheets are calming and snug, as they provide light compression for a cozy hug.

Great for those who need extra pressure to feel comfortable. They’re the perfect bedsheets for sensory processing disorders or autism.

Although they’re great for kids, please note adult supervision is suggested.


  • Provides soothing compression with a lighter touch than a weighted blanket
  • Supports children with sensory processing disorder, ADHD and autism
  • Soft and soothing material


  • Machine wash delicate cold with like colors, then air dry
  • Material: 85% nylon and 15% spandex
  • Color: Royal Blue

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