Sensory Beads



Not suitable for children under 3 years. For use under adult supervision.


When expanded, water beads are like slippery squishy marbles, when dropped back into a bucket or on the floor they bounce!

Water beads are extremely calming to run your fingers through, it’s like adding a texture to water.




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Pack of small, gel beads which expand when combined with water.

Content: 230 gr.

Directions: 20g dried beads combined with water will grow to 1 litre of sensory beads.


Water bead instructions for Packets:

Add 3-4 cups of cold distilled water (or tap water) to a large, flat container to achieve uniform color and size.

Add 20 gr into the water evenly. After 6 hours, pour the beads into a strainer or colander to drain any excess water.


How Do You Dispose of Water Beads?

Add them to the soil of potted plants. The polymer that is used in water beads is also used in a lot of bagged potting soil. You can also throw them into a garbage bag.

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