Little Red Riding Hood


Help children develop their creativity, Imagination and communication skills with this gorgeous book and puppet set.

Little Red Riding Hood is off to visit her Grandma, but following her through the forest is a very hungry wolf…


  • Red Riding Hood Hand/Finger Puppets

This kit consisting of a hand puppet and additional character finger puppets is perfect for storytellers and the most creative children.

Reflective of the key characters in one of our most treasured children’s stories, the large hand puppet plays a key character supported by a series of embroidered fabric finger puppets to make the retelling of this classic fun and fully interactive.

From a classic tale known to the whole family, imagination is the only limit and the creation of a new ending is possible.

In the end, the finger puppets can be kept in the pockets of the hand puppet, so that none of the characters will be lost.

  • Little Red Riding Hood Book

An enchantingly illustrated, lift-the-flap version of the classic fairy tale.

Little children can peep through intricate, laser-cut holes into the dark woods, lift the flaps to see what’s beyond the trees, and keep an eye out for the Big Bad Wolf as they follow Little Red Riding Hood through the fairytale forest.


  • Fairy Tale Cinema

Two fairytales are shown in this cinema.

Each time the stage is turned (180 degrees around its axis) a new image is displayed and the familiar fairytale is continued in a fascinating exciting way.
This is fun and educational!
It promotes speech development and creativity.


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