Expressive Verbs


A valuable resource developing verbal and non-verbal expression, creative thought, complex syntactical structures, and an understanding of non-verbal language and cultural diversity.

It is ideal for individual and group work in a variety of settings, and with a wide range of people including those with pragmatic disorders, those needing to develop alternative and augmentative communication skills and those needing to improve their receptive and expressive language.

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A collection of bold, vibrant and often humorous photocards that illustrate actions and expressions implying a range of states, reactions, intentions and emotions, showing how expressions and actions are used to communicate effectively.

The images portray the use of fingers, hands, face, mouth, eyes, body and feet, and include:

  • The girl is counting on her fingers
  • The boy is waving
  • The girl is sticking out her tongue
  • The boy is crying
  • The girl is stamping her foot.

 It contains 48 cards 210 x 148mm plus booklet, boxed.

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