Dice of Fury – Addition and Subtraction Practice


Mental maths games like The Dice of Fury help boost numeracy and mental agility through fun, exciting play.
Play Dice of Fury addition and subtraction games to boost mental maths fluency as players race to win addition and subtraction games.

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There’s no time for turn taking in this furiously fast dice game where players race to roll and win.

Flip a challenge card and start rolling (and re-rolling!) together as fast as you can to fill your dice holder.

Hurry to grab the Furious Jumbo Die in the centre of the game to win the round.

First player to win 10 rounds wins the game.


Challenge cards include 2 levels of difficulty for 2-4 players ages 7 and up

This game helps players flex their mental maths skills as they race to add and subtract, think even and odd, and complete maths challenges to win the game


  • 24 dice
  • 80 challenge cards
  • 4 dice holders
  • 1 Furious Jumbo Die

Ages 7+

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