Sensory Dark Den


Offer this as part of a sensory experience in your classroom or home – you will be surprised how many children love it and benefit from the quiet time they spend inside.

It offers a quieter, dark, enclosed space children to relax and have time to regulate their sensory system. Also provides a safe and enclosed space where therapists and patients can engage in sensory exploration.

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Create a cosy, calm and safe sensory space for children to retreat to. The door of the Cosy Cave can be closed to create a total black out dark den. Children can bring in their Weighted Blanket, Sensory Lights or iPad to help them self-regulate.

It can be folded back down so is perfect for travelling or on the go.

Comes with a Handy Storage Bag.

The tent provides a safe and enclosed area for sensory exploration. The pop up construction means that these items can be instantly set up for use, then quickly folded down and stored away in the carry bag included.

Dimensions 100cm x 100cm


  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: Made from lightweight and highly durable nylon ensuring easy move ability and robustness against play.

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Weight 0.3000 kg
Dimensions 0.0000 cm

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