Chewzies Pencil Toppers


Discover the Ultimate Comfort Solution with Sensory Chewzies Pencil Toppers!


Are you seeking a reliable way to improve oral habits while ensuring comfort? Look no further than the Sensory Chewzies!

These chewable toys offer unparalleled support for both children and adults, especially those with special needs like autism.



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Key Features for Enhanced Comfort:

  •  Crafted from 100% food-grade silicone, ensuring safety and durability.
  •  Specifically designed for discreet sensory input, providing beneficial TMJ stimulation.
  •  Versatile integration into your child’s daily routine, whether attached to pencils, sweatshirts, or transformed into bracelets or necklaces.


Benefits for Sensory Well-being:

The textured design offers diverse sensory experiences, engaging gum and jaw muscles, thereby promoting overall oral well-being and enhancing feeding and swallowing stability.

Set of 2 pencil toppers.



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Groovy Orange, Textured Green

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