Bubble Bear


Give its belly a squeeze and a bubble wand pops out of its head.

Stop squeezing, and the wand dips back into the reservoir of magical Bubble Solution, ready to blow more bubbles.



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The amusing Bubble Bear, when used as part of the Bubble Hierarchy, increases abdominal grading, controlled oral airflow, velum mobility, lip rounding, and tongue retraction.


Therapy Tip from our Experts 

Research and practice inform us that deep breathing, especially that involving, long slow exhalation, is calming for the nervous system. It helps the nervous system turn from a fight / fright mode into a more regulated and calm state. Resisted muscle work also helps to calm the nervous system. Sitting somewhere quietly and squeezing the Bubble Bear to pop the wand up and slowly blowing the bubbles, can help a child to achieve a calm – alert state or to relax if they are feeling a little anxious or dysregulated.

Squeezing the Bubble Bear is also a wonderful way to strengthen the small muscles in the hand that are required for fine motor skill development. By squeezing the Bubble Bear with 2 hands we are also able to support the skill of both hands working together (bilateral hand function). Watching the bubbles floating away or trying to pop them is also valuable for supporting visual tracking and eye-hand coordination. These skills are required for reading and writing development.

Playing with bubbles more actively is also lots of fun and can increase a child’s level of alertness, i.e. jumping to catch the bubbles. It is a lovely way to engage a child in reciprocal social interactions and facilitate joint attention and shared enjoyment in an activity.



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