Beads and Pattern Card Set


Colourful wooden spheres, cubes, and cylinders provide plenty of patterning practice, a prerequisite for early reading and maths activities, and perfect for practising precise fine motor control.


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  •        20 Activity Cards
  •        108 beads in 6 colours (red, yellow, orange, blue, green and purple)
  •        2 – 36” black laces with 1” plastic tips
  •        Activity Guide

Beads measure 2cm x 1cm each approx.

Card measures 28 x 10.5 approx.

Common Core State Standards Alignment:

  • Counting & Cardinality
  • Measurement & Data

Learning Styles: Tactile, Visual

Skill Development: 

  • Basic Concepts – Colours, counting, and learning about similarities and differences are all a part of pattern play. Work together with students to group the beads in different piles by colour or shape. Then begin to create patterns to help students identify the different attributes and recognise what comes next.
  • Math –As students bead a repeating sequence of colours and shapes, they are creating AB patterning (e.g. red, blue, red, blue). Through patterning, students are beginning to recognize order and predictability. Add to the fun by counting the beads as they are laced in place.

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