Maison and Róisín

Maison’s Story

Maison is a happy little boy of 3 and a half with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. He began attending Occupational Therapy in 2021 due to reduced engagement with his family and difficulty with sensory regulation and self-help skills.


Through intervention the team at Sensational Kids discovered Maison’s sensory preferences and activities he found calming. Using such activities allowed Sarah and Róisín, his therapy team, to build on engagement and sensory regulation. Sarah comments, “It was so lovely to see Maison’s mum constantly surprised and even emotional at times seeing his successes and progress during sessions. Maison is now engaging lots more with his siblings at home in shared enjoyed activities. He is now undressing and dressing more independently. His self- feeding skills are improving and he is also practicing feeding dolls with his siblings.  He is sitting at the table and engaging in puzzles, blocks and colouring. He is taking turns with his family in activities and initiating games.”


When Maison began Occupational Therapy last year he was non-verbal. He is now also attending Speech and Language Therapy at Sensational Kids and saying new words every day, his mum reports he will “definitely be in a band” as he wakes up singing.


Intervention has not only had a positive impact on Maison but on his whole family, allowing them to understand his strengths and areas of need and bring them closer together.  Maison and his mum travel from Cork city weekly to attend therapy at Sensational Kids and Maison’s mum says that the trip is worth every minute as Maison is making such progress and loves coming to Sensational Kids in Clonakilty.


Maison’s story is part of a project entitled #SensationalFamiles.  The project was approved by Government with support from the Dormant Accounts Fund, with the aim of shining a light on the impact of social enterprises like Sensational Kids.  A social enterprise is a business that works primarily to improve the lives of people. The business of social enterprise is social good. Sensational Kids exists only to provide subsidised therapy supports to children of all abilities including those with additional needs.